We offer you a car service luxury:  sedan, Mercedes class S, minivan, and bus with multilingual chauffeur.
Providing chauffeur offers freedom of movement and speed as well as unmatched effectiveness in all services it provides.
Thus we provide a bespoke service with chauffeur transfer to the provision ½ day, day, long-term.
The quality of our service impeccable chauffeur are the guarantee of a trusted company with which you can build a lasting relationship.


A single department supports the complete organization of transport your event, the board upstream to the operational implementation.
Due to the diversity of its fleet, flexibility and responsiveness of its teams, you are able to anticipate and satisfy all your requests.


Upon arrival of your train, the descent of your aircraft, our chauffeur waiting for you, welcomes you and helps you to recover your luggage.
It leads you to, comfortably, with confidence and without delay
Our personalized and optimal management of your transport logistics based on our experience of the great national events provide you
quality service.

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