All the suppliers to the events hub are signatories to this quality charter. It commits them in the same way as the membership contract that binds them to the Hub.
Suppliers are listed in two categories: Service Providers and Venues.
This charter is common to both categories.

Any recognised failure to comply with the charter will lead to the termination of the Events Hub supplier’s membership contract.
Similarly, if the signatory fails to fulfil one of the criteria for membership of the Charter or the Hub, he will be temporarily excluded from the group until he is able to fulfil all the criteria one again.
 The charter aims to:
- Guarantee to clients the reliability of the professionals who support the charter, all the people involved in providing client services being local Professionals, with a head office or offices in Cannes or its surrounding area, and having worked for at least 2 years on Cannes Conferences and Festivals.
- Set up a network with the sole aim of providing the client with a successful event and/or the highest possible level of comfort and safety during his stay.
As the Hub Professionals are used to working together, the risks linked to poor communication are limited and everyone’s involvement is better “self-coordinated” in the absence of an external Coordinator.
- Offer the Client the best possible value for money, taking into account the “risk” factor linked to service providers who are not professional or whose knowledge of the Cannes market or special local features is limited.
- Fight positively against commercial free-riding and illegal service providers by promoting members of a rigorous professional charter that offers clients reliability, quality and effective supervision.
- Unite events professionals around a charter that encompasses a range of different but complementary business sectors with a view to providing a “project management” service.  In addition to a traditional obligation linked to the sector and the market (competitive prices, reactivity, etc.), this involves an obligation to ensure good communication and a transverse understanding of the event project

2-1/ Guarantee: legal and financial aspect
-  the professional must be duly registered in France in the Business and Companies Register in Cannes or Antibes-Sophia-Antipolis, or have premises on the spot if his company is a subsidiary.
-  strict compliance with the legal obligations concerning the lodging of accounts with the Clerk of the Court’s Office at the Commercial Court within 6 months of closure is required,
- the member must, at all times, be up-to-date with his social security contributions, taxes and levies,
- the member must have been lawfully registered in France for his French activities for the last 2 years and must not have used accounts domiciled abroad for the activities in question. He undertakes to abide by this obligation for as long as he is a member,
- the member company must not have had a level of equity lower than its capital over the previous 5 financial years,
- the member company must not be involved in a receivership or liquidation procedure. The company’s directors or shareholders must not have been the subject of or taken part in insolvency proceedings as directors, partners or shareholders unless the committee has justifiable reasons for agreeing to their membership, having established that that they have repaid all their debts in full to the injured parties.
- the legal representative must own at least 10 % of the signatory company’s capital or demonstrate by showing a copy of his employment contract that he is salaried by obligation and that his contract states that he is actually responsible for the management of the said company,
- the company must be “transparent” with regard to its shareholders, i.e. it must be possible to precisely identify the individual partners or shareholders directly or through other companies,

2-2/ Guarantee of quality and ethics:
-  The member must accept the quality charter set out below concerning the management of the events project and, more particularly: familiarisation appointments, the recruitment of temporary staff, the mandatory pre-event(s) meeting with the client, the post-event debrief and the response to client complaints,
- the member candidate must show evidence that he has worked for a minimum of two complete years in his business sector.
- the member agrees to promote the charter and ensure that all his staff abide by it.
- the legal representative of the signatory company must undertake to support the work of conference organisers in their fight against commercial free-riding. He agrees to insert a clause in all contracts signed concerning Public Relations and Advertising or part of a Cannes Conference or Festival, stating that the Client declares that he is registered (accredited) for the Conference or Festival and is in compliance with the organiser’s internal rules.

3-1: Communication between members to ensure that the event is successful:
Note: Where the client informs the Hub of his needs via the form on the website, the members are informed of the needs that concern them, but they also have a copy of the requests made to the other Hub suppliers for the given events project.

In the absence of an external Coordinator, the member agrees to contact the other members of the Hub, and even the Service Providers outside it, if the Client has chosen them himself and the member is informed, to ensure that there is good coordination between the services offered by all the Service Providers.
The member agrees to take part in at least one familiarisation meeting or conference call if the venue is the “Palais des Festivals” or if the venue is not accessible, where at least 3 Hub suppliers (members) or non-Hub suppliers are involved.
The member must bring about this meeting if the other suppliers or members fail to propose a meeting. Any established infringement of this clause will lead to the member’s permanent exclusion.
The familiarisation meeting or conference call does not apply to the “accommodation only” supplier (with no event)
: Client reception, follow-up and reactivity:

The member agrees to provide an emergency number available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that the client is never alone in the face of an urgent problem.
On the day of the event, problems must be taken on board and resolved immediately, as a priority and on a “performance guarantee” basis.
The member also agrees to meet the Client at the venue (himself or an employee overseeing the project) the day before or a few days before the event being organised.
If audiovisual equipment is required, the member concerned agrees to make an appointment (himself or the technician present on the day) with the client so that the video material and speaker guidelines (names, timing, programme for playing the material for each speaker, etc.) can be handed over.
This “field” meeting with the Client does not apply to member suppliers whose service provision has been completed before the event (e.g. “save the date”, sending invitation cards, etc.) or to members supplying “accommodation only” (with no event).
Less than 8 days from the event, the member agrees to deal with any problems as diligently as possible within a maximum of 24 hours.
The legal representative of the member company and the sales and technical staff in contact with clients must be able to speak fluent English. An ability to speak other languages is encouraged.

3-3 Compliance of the service rendered and reactivity:
The member undertakes to faithfully ensure that the service rendered is a true reflection of what the client has seen on the Internet and/or what has been described in his contract.
Similarly, he personally undertakes to ensure that the staff recruited for the Client are competent and speak at least English. The member agrees to give the staff a precise plan of their assignment and will ensure that they take up their posts and understand their assignment when it begins.
: Debriefing and Diligence in dealing with problems and complaints:
After the event, the member will carry out a “debrief” and send this by email to the Client; he will also make a note of the client’s feedback in his file in order to improve the quality of the event the following year.
The client should be re-contacted the following year, solely via the Hub and thus in accordance with the charter.
The member agrees to acknowledge any complaints within a maximum of 48 working hours and to respond within the next 7 days. In his response he will clearly indicate the name of the person responsible for dealing with the complaint within his company.

3-5 Commitment to contribute personally towards keeping prices down:
The member agrees not to make the Cannes destination more expensive. Although he is free to decide on his prices, he will endeavour to obtain a reasonable payment for his work and investment by applying reasonable prices and margins to his activity.

3-6 The duty of responsibility and the absence of unfair competition:
The member undertakes not to criticise other charter members in front of any outside person.
The member carries out his activities within a framework of free, healthy, fair competition based on service quality. As client satisfaction is the best guarantee of his professional recognition, the member will work closely with his colleagues, including those who are not signatories to this charter. In his relations with his colleagues, he will stand out for his willingness to collaborate and work openly with them.
The member is aware of the collective consequences of his professional conduct and the action he takes in carrying out his activities, all of which places a special duty on him. In a spirit of fair competition, he will refrain from all hurtful or malevolent words or actions and any measures or manoeuvres that may be damaging to his colleagues’ situation, denigrate them or discredit them.
In particular, he agrees not to offer patently inaccurate opinions with a view to diverting clients towards himself.

The Hub is under the total responsibility of Cannes Events Hub.

4-1: Accreditation procedure:
Any supplier who wishes to join the Hub must be a signatory to the Charter before appearing on the website(s). All Hub members must therefore fulfil the criteria of and be signatories to the Charter in addition to the Hub membership contract.
The charter is shown on the website and may be freely downloaded.

4-2: Withdrawal procedure:
The member may withdraw from the website and therefore from the Hub at any time. He may make the request by email and withdrawal will come into effect with 48 hrs. He may no longer use the Hub’s dedicated email service or state that he belongs to the Hub.

Any established infringements of the obligations of the Quality Charter or Hub membership contract will lead to the member’s temporary or permanent withdrawal from all the Hub’s websites.
If the infringement is noted by a member, the latter must inform the supplier (and member) concerned and send a copy of his letter to Cannes Events Hub. An emergency meeting or conference call will be set up within 3 days with the members of the category concerned (“Venues” or “Service Providers”) and, if the infringement is proven, the member’s withdrawal will come into effect within 48 hours of the meeting.
If the infringement is notified by the Client, via the contact form, an emergency meeting will be set up within 3 days with the members of the category concerned (“Venues” or “Service Providers”) and a conference call with the Client, where necessary. If the infringement is proven, the member’s withdrawal will come into effect within 48 hours of the meeting or conference call.
If the infringement is noted by Cannes Events Hub, an emergency meeting or conference call will be set up within 3 days with the members of the category concerned (“Venues” or “Service Providers”) and, if the infringement is proven, the member’s withdrawal will come into effect within 48 hours of the meeting.

4-3: Dispute following an exclusion:
In the event of a disagreement over an exclusion ruling, either party may request an arbitration procedure. The party wishing to use the procedure must notify the other party in writing.
Each party will appoint an arbitrator of his choice 2 weeks at the latest after the written notification.
Three other arbitrators will be appointed in the “Venues” category if the party concerned is a “Service Provider” Member and in the “Service Provider” category if the party concerned is a “Venues Member”.  No Charter member may evade this obligation once he is chosen.
The two parties and the duly appointed members will examine the dispute promptly.
The professional concerned will provide all the information requested of him by the appointed arbitration panel within 2 weeks.
If the member fails to respond, a follow-up letter will be sent by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt).
If the member fails to respond within 2 weeks of receiving the follow-up letter, his exclusion is pronounced and he is notified of this in a letter sent by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt.
The arbitration panel has a period of 2 weeks from receiving the information in which to meet.
The member must be present at the meeting.
At the start of the meeting, the arbitration panel may ask the member concerned for further information.
A vote behind closed doors is then taken that day (in the member’s absence).
The member is informed of the final decision in a letter sent by recorded delivery with acknowledgement of receipt 2 weeks at the latest after the meeting.

The charter is likely to be supplemented, corrected and amended, especially in its first year. Its writers wished to construct an operational charter quickly, but they are aware of the need to improve it.
Any member may suggest modifications and improvements.
An updated version may be proposed regularly. Members then agree to accept any modification that improves the quality and safety of the service they offer or reinforces the guarantees offered to the Client.

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